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1. Chemistry
a. A system in which finely divided particles, which are approximately 1 to 1,000 millimicrons in size, are dispersed within a continuous medium in a manner that prevents them from being filtered easily or settled rapidly.
b. The particulate matter so dispersed.
2. The gelatinous stored secretion of the thyroid gland, consisting mainly of thyroglobulin.
3. Gelatinous material resulting from degeneration in diseased tissue.
Of, relating to, containing, or having the nature of a colloid.

col·loi′dal (kə-loid′l, kŏ-) adj.
col·loi′dal·ly adv.


in the manner of a colloid
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Adv.1.colloidally - in a colloidal manner; "particles were colloidally dispersed in the medium"
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Practically, the availability of QDs in a colloidally dispersed form will help demystify these somewhat esoteric materials.
The emulsion stays colloidally stable for a period exceeding 10 days at 60[degrees]C.
Chemists, physicists, and materials scientists explore colloidally stable hydrogel particles--often called microgels or nanogels depending on the length scale of their smallest dimension.
It's a difficult balancing act; the nanoparticles have to be hydrophilic enough to be colloidally stable in water but hydrophobic enough to float.
BASF Coatings GmbH has been granted a patent for a coating on a metallic substrate prepared from a thermally curable, organic-based aqueous coating material comprised of a colloidally dispersed metallic bismuth, present in an amount between from 0.
Due to relatively high surfactant concentration and low solid content, particles were assumed to be colloidally stable [5], and therefore coagulation is not considered.