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A plural of colon3.
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CURRENCY Costa Rica accepts US dollars and Costa Rican Colones which you should buy there for a better rate.
Although income grew by 117 billion colones [some US$234 million], expenditures grew a lot more: 152 billion colones [around US$304 million]--12% more, with yearly inflation below 3%.
IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, became the first institution to issue a triple-A rated bond in Costa Rica's domestic markets, raising 5,000 million colones, or approximately $10 million, for private sector investment in emerging markets, including in Costa Rica.
Highlighting the vastly improved health and happiness of the three Colones as well as the minimally invasive medical technology behind leading edge weight loss surgery on The Doctors TV episode is just one example of Dr.
reprimand, a fine of up to 100,000 Colones, a five-year suspension, or
Then again, maybe maths really isn't her strong point-which may help explain why Panorama is now just a neutered Watchdog, grumpily licking the scars where its journalistic colones used to be.
Quest is a good name for it, because it's a continual quest," Colones says.
Plasmids were extracted from sense colones using TIANprep Mini Plasmid Kit (Tiangen, Beijing, China) and digested with Bg/II and EcoRI enzymes (Takara).
Blanco's office, and Blanco in turn received 10 colones ($1.
These interest groups tend to think that solving this problem is simply a matter for the central bank (say in El Salvador in 1989) to raise the price of the dollar from 5 colones to, say, 8 or 10 colones.
Costa Rica Colones - Guatemala Quetz - Namibia Dollar - Peru Nuevo - Seychelles Rupee - Uruguay Peso
While many crewmembers think of them as colones who sit behind desks, we must remember they all used to be crewdogs like us.