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Noun1.coloniser - someone who helps to found a colony
beginner, founder, founding father, father - a person who founds or establishes some institution; "George Washington is the father of his country"
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In assessing the record of colonialism, Cesaire looks carefully at the nature and claims used by the coloniser to justify colonialism.
Dhanuka Coloniser & Builders is developing a residential complex, %Sunshine Prime%, near Muhana Mandi, Mansarovar Extension, in Jaipur district of Rajasthan.
Summary: Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi's visit to Italy to mark the second anniversary of a friendship treaty with former coloniser Italy stumbled into controversy Monday.
This class, because of a language and education that enabled them to work for the coloniser, ran the colonial machinery.
Perhaps the most interesting parts of the book are those which discuss how succeeding generations defined Cook: brave and humane explorer or colonial adventurer and coloniser who invaded lands where happy natives gambolled about peacefully etc.
Those known to have taken part in the siege include the poet Sir Edmund Spenser and the explorer, coloniser, pirate and Munster plantation owner, Sir Walter Raleigh.
Addressing students at an international business school in Shanghai, Mrs McAleese said: "Britain as a coloniser went to extraordinary lengths to obliterate Irish culture and language.
Clare Midgley's edited collection provides a welcome and enriching extension to such work, the main value of which is twofold in its attention to both coloniser and colonised as variably gendered, and to the intersections of gender with class and 'race', in and across the various sites of imperial encounters and interactions.
VO NGUYEN GIAP, the brilliant self-taught general who drove the French colonisers out of Vietnam and later forced America to abandon its effort to block reunification, has died.
If there was no scramble for Africa, would we have continued to be as weak as our colonisers thought we were?
Puno said the economic colonisers, whom he did not name, continued to "suppress the social and economic rights of the people" by offering their help to the Third World, including the Philippines, "in exchange for our natural resources to suit and advance their own economic agenda".
The colonisers of today, like those of old, will learn eventually that the desire for freedom cannot be extinguished by edict or the rule of force.