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n. Architecture
1. A series of columns placed at regular intervals.
2. A structure composed of columns placed at regular intervals.

[French, alteration of colonnate, from Italian colonnato, from colonna, column, from Latin columna; see kel- in Indo-European roots.]

col′on·nad′ed adj.
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Adj.1.colonnaded - having a series of columns arranged at regular intervals
columned - having or resembling columns; having columns of a specified kind (often used as a combining form); "a columned portico"; "trees with columned trunks"; "white-columned houses"


[ˌkɒləˈneɪdɪd] adj [building] → à colonnade
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I saw one recently in the Kremer Museum--a vast, weightless building with a dome like the Pantheon, in which the constellations are visible beneath your feet as you cross the suspended walkways that connect the colonnaded gallery at its perimeter.
SANTA Claus has a home in New York, in a colonnaded building across from Pennsylvania Station that is the city's main post office.
His 1848 design was, judges Jenkins, "one of the grandest neo-classical buildings of its day in Europe," But the architect's vision for a long, colonnaded frontage and tower was sunk by the ruin of the "Railway King", entrepreneur and Sunderland MP George Hudson.
It boasts a central pavilion, colonnaded wings and corner pavilions.
THE monsoon may rain misery on Connaught Place, fear retailers, as parts of the grand- colonnaded shopping arcade in Delhi that collapsed this year are yet to be patched up.
The colonnaded casino and hotel was celebrating its 50th anniversary on this sauna-like August weekend, and maroon banners draped the entrance: "Reimagining Vegas for Five Decades.
Part of the curiosity was just bandwagon lure-one sees a long queue gathering each morning outside the imposing colonnaded building known as the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, more commonly known as the Mausoleum of Mao Zedong, and feels the urge to join it.
In the decades that followed, the street was widened, its facade colonnaded with shops on the ground floor and offices and hotels occupying the upper two.
He also said that recent film from Palmyra, including drone footage, revealed that many structures were still standing including the walls around the Temple of Bel, the amphitheatre and the long colonnaded avenue.
Many structures were still standing, he said, including the walls around the Temple of Bel, the amphitheatre, the long colonnaded avenue and Palmyra's striking tetrapylon - a platform with four columns at each corner.
Work will be performed in installments - Firm phase: roof of the dome of the central body;- Conditional phase 1: front side of the central body Champs de Mars;- Conditional phase 2: roofs and elevations of the west wing;- Conditional phase 3: roof and the wing rises is;- Conditional phase 4: elevation colonnaded West Wing and upper part of the faade of the central body, side courtyard;- Conditional phase 5: elevation colonnade of the east wing and lower part of the facade of the central body, side courtyard.
The Romans made it a typical provincial town, with colonnaded streets, fine temples and other buildings, large water cisterns and a town wall.