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 (kə-lŏf′ə-nē, kŏl′ə-fō′nē)
n. pl. co·loph·o·nies
See rosin.

[Middle English colofonie, from Latin (rēsīna) colophōnia, (resin) of Colophon, from colophōnia, feminine of colophōnius, of Colophon, from Colophōn, Colophon (known for its pine resin).]


(Elements & Compounds) another name for rosin1
[C14: from Latin Colophōnia rēsina resin from Colophon]
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Noun1.colophony - translucent brittle substance produced from pine oleoresin; used especially in varnishes and inks and on the bows of stringed instruments
natural resin - a plant exudate
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Exclusion criteria for FV application include children with a history of an allergy to colophony and children diagnosed with asthma who do not have their rescue medication, for example, a short-acting bronchodilator, at time of application.
In electronic industry the workers are exposed to solder fumes containing colophony cause severe asthma problems [1] and it also cause lungs cancer and occupational asthma [2].
Ammonia volatilization of controlled-release urea enveloped with colophony from paddy field in typical red soil.
4 patch tested patients with chronic eczema and revealed that most frequent sensitizers were colophony nitrofurazone neomycin sulphate and nickel sulphate (7.
The Gaviotans planted Caribbean pine trees, which they tap for colophony, a widely used ingredient in Colombia's paint industry.
Allergic contact dermatitis caused by colophony in an epilating product.
The prices of raw materials are rising worldwide, Within three years, the annual average price of colophony, a resin obtained from coniferous trees, has doubled.
Sao Paulo, Brazil Groups Application Method Composition G1 (n = 36) Application with a Distilled water disposable paintbrush, with thickener left to dry for 3 min G2 (n = 36) Application with a 50 mg NaF (sodium disposable paintbrush, fluoride) Colophony, left to dry for 3 min ethyl alcohol, white beeswax G3 (n = 36) 5.
Allergic Cross-sensitization to some Oleo-gum-resins in Colophony Sensitized Animals.
With this aim, binary blends of recycled LDPE/naphthenic oil, and colophony resin/naphthenic oil, were previously studied (10), (13).
I also had weak positive reactions to common chemicals such as colophony, and thimerosal.
Fe fyddi dipyn o brynu ar eli Basilicon, neu'r Colophony ointment ei enw arall, at dynnu casgl neu benddyn.