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Noun1.color chart - a chart displaying colorscolor chart - a chart displaying colors    
chart - a visual display of information
color circle, color wheel - a chart in which complementary colors (or their names) are arranged on opposite sides of a circle
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The indicator strip is compared to the color chart on the test strip bottle.
Konica Minolta announced that it has developed the FD-9, an auto-scanning spectrophotometer capable of measuring a standard color chart, commonly used in the printing industry for profile creation, at the fastest speed in the world.
Giorgione's painting is certainly more aesthetically and cognitively engaging than Romberg's didactic reduction of it to a color chart.
Results can be interpreted by visual comparison of the reagent pad to the color chart provided or with the line of Uritek Strip readers made by this company.
001 au, removing the inaccurate results that using a comparator color chart can give due to variations in operator eyesight or lighting conditions.
A color chart included in the kit helps identify which heavy metal has been found.
A new International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard scheduled to go into effect in January, xvYCC expands the current color data range by about 80% based on Munsell Color Cascade, a color chart that defines all natural object colors and is used to evaluate the color expression of displays.
The company's 40-page 2004 catalog includes Petersen's new Cool Color Chart, a palette of colors that meet cool roof certification requirements, ENERGY STAR[R], and LEED[TM].
The Color Set contains sixteen 22ml tubes of High Viscosity acrylic colors, a color chart, and brochure for $59.
Akrochem's color chart for rubber is also featured on the web site.
The program prints three pages: a color chart that lists the numbers and their corresponding crayon; a numbered outline of the original image; and a crayoning page, which is a nonnumbered outline of the image for the student to color.
They classified the samples as either opaque or milky in color (mucoid) or purulent, based on a standard mucus color chart (Chest 117[6]:1638-45, 2000).