color code

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Noun1.color code - system using colors to designate classifications
code - a coding system used for transmitting messages requiring brevity or secrecy
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But civilians are not aware of what action to be taken based on the color codes.
Ozone Color code and Who should AQI concentration level of limit outdoor value (ppm) health concern activity?
Species of kangaroo rat, color code and ear tag number were recorded.
Additional business mapping software features include support for copying symbology color code ranges, color coding upon data import, and enhanced map layer label options.
MingleMatch is pleased with the value our members have found in the Color Code Relationship Profile," said Ryan Sanders, vice president of MingleMatch, Inc.
Hartman's revolutionary Color Code personality profiling system has been added to all MingleMatch sites to provide a greater level of personal awareness, more accurate matching of members, and insightful compatibility assessment for all site participants.
The Maternus team found a way to color code the entire device to correspond with the system the hospital had developed.
Using this patented color code, a physician or healthcare professional can use it to properly size medical equipment (endotracheal tubes), prearrange emergency products (IV's, airway, intubation), mark imaging equipment to reduce radiation doses (GE's LightSpeed Ultra CT scanner), and to help reduce errors in writing, filling, and dispensing medication to children.