color phase

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col′or phase`

one of two or more colorings assumed by an animal, varying with age or season.
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maenas in an ecologically relevant context with respect to color phase within each invasive population to truly understand the invasive capabilities of this species and to better inform management strategies.
4-H adaptive comb filter Y/C separation, and PAL delay line for color phase error correction
Add phase B, color phase, to phase A and mix until uniform, maintaining heat at 80[degrees]C.
However, a blue color phase of perch has been reported in many northern states and Canada.
shows that the blend essentially has a matrix/dispersed- phase morphology--a light color phase dispersed in the continuous dark color of the polypropylene matrix.
The VE170RQ A/V over Cat 5 Receiver features ATEN's patented Deskew technology, which supports the manual synchronization of RGB signals and corrects color phase and timing errors that occur over large distances.
You could tell the age of a car by the color phase it was in.
TopazReal HD is a 3D color management system that address changes in color phase and color level to obtain perfect color reproduction, producing 1110 times more color combinations than 720p projectors, approximately 216 billion color combinations.
For each spotted dolphin killed during an observed set, observers attempted to record the sex and the color phase of the dolphin (neonate, two-tone, speckled, mottled, and fused, see Perrin, 1970).
As group of students completed the color phase of the project, they chose embellishments from available crafts materials and recycled toy parts.
The cat is commonly known as a cougar, mountain lion or puma natural tawny color, or panther in its black color phase.
Professionals can control many XL H1 camcorder features and settings with Canon's Console software; including the Gamma, Master Pedestal, Color Phase, Custom Presets and AE Metering.