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Noun1.color scheme - a planned combination of colorscolor scheme - a planned combination of colors; "the color scheme for this room was determined by an interior decorator"
combination - a collection of things that have been combined; an assemblage of separate parts or qualities
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Ona's heart sank, for the house was not as it was shown in the picture; the color scheme was different, for one thing, and then it did not seem quite so big.
Draw a border with colored marker to suit your overall color scheme.
Another option, the Colors of Fall Print by Bonnie White, offers a more muted color scheme with classic folk art appeal.
The court answered this question in the affirmative, noting the universities' longstanding use of color scheme marks as well as their use of school's colors as "shorthand" when referring to themselves.
So, in the absence of strong color in organic fabrics, where does the vibrancy and variation come from for an intensely-hued color scheme and how does one go about creating the magic that color brings to warm a home?
Matthew Mosca, a paint analyst from Baltimore spent many days crawling over scaffolding, scratching samples off all parts of the building, to analyze the original color scheme.
Displayed in a horizontal format, the image spans a volume of 9 cm by 20 cm, but with increased resolution, color contrast, and greater color scheme variability.
Select a color scheme from an artist that utilizes innovative color and contrast.
Formally, Pendulum echoes Big Talk, 1985, an early billboard exhibited in Chicago whose two words--JUMBO MUMBO--were stacked one atop the other and could be read from left to right or, as suggested by the alternating color scheme, by moving one's eyes up and down from word to word.
The color scheme bible; inspirational palettes for designing home interiors.
based VFA-14 Tophatters AM3 Justin Asprer and AM1s Jamie Murillo and Sergio Montoya transformed the aircraft from a tactical color scheme to its current appearance, above.
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