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Noun1.color tube - a television tube that displays images in full color
kinescope, picture tube, television tube - a cathode-ray tube in a television receiver; translates the received signal into a picture on a luminescent screen
tricolor television tube, tricolor tube, tricolour television tube, tricolour tube - a color television tube in which three primary colors are combined to give the full range of colors
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2 - colors: oil pastels, solid oil stick, paints, pigments, china inks, watercolor, gouache tube, pot, glazes, color bomb, color tube .
As material reaches the indicator, it pushes against a rubber activator, turning the color tube from black to a bright yellow color.
What is the best color tube to use for blood alcohol levels?
He will remain as the manager of the Color tube operations during the remaining months of manufacturing and its intended closure.
A bright nine inch color tube display which offers the traditional color graded persistence display and a new "Analog Persistence" display mode.
PDC is the world's largest color tube manufacturer with a worldwide work force of over 26,000 people.
The "icon of jukeboxes," the "1015" featured soothing rotating color tubes, mesmerizing bubble tubes and a visible play mechanism that quickly became the focal point in coffee shops and diners across the nation.
The opaque tubes, available in sizes ranging from 2ml to 30ml, are the latest generation of Unette's PrismaPak see-through color tubes that allow the product to become an integral and visible part of the package design.
the Pure Pops Brush-On Color tubes are pumped full of glossy polymers, castor oil and reflective particles to give non-stick shine and lip conditioning.