color vision

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Noun1.color vision - the normal ability to see colorscolor vision - the normal ability to see colors  
visual modality, visual sense, vision, sight - the ability to see; the visual faculty
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Methods: The cross-sectional study was carried out at the Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi, and the data was collected for color vision deficiency, age, gender, and job applied for from pre-employment examination during 2013-2014.
In the rare cases when both a man and his son have reduced color vision, Nurse Author Evans explains, the son inherited his affected X from his mother and not Joey despite Joey also having CVD.
Prevalence of red-green color vision deficiency (cvd) among science students: a 10 years' survey.
The textbook-rewriting discovery could change scientists' thinking about how color vision works.
Prevalence of color vision deficiency among male high-school students.
Founded in 1930, Good-Lite offers a range of vision testing and evaluation products, including the new self-calibrating ETDRS Standardized Viewer, Cortical Visual assessment, near and distance acuity charts including the LEA SYMBOLS and LEA NUMBERS, high and low contrast, stereo vision and color vision testing.
Scientists say that color vision could have proved invaluable for the fish by helping it spot predators and food.
We have now traced all of the evolutionary pathways, going back 90 million years, that led to human color vision," says lead author Shozo Yokoyama, a biologist at Emory University.
While few people younger than 70 have problems with color vision, the rate increases rapidly through later decades of life, according to the new research by Marilyn E.
All subjects had best corrected visual acuity of 6/6, normal color vision and full visual fields by confrontation with finger counting.
Humans, apes, most old world monkeys, ground squirrels, and many species of fish, birds, and insects have well-developed color vision.
The Visual Test Model consists of different Color Vision, Visual Field Defects and Visual acuity.