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tr.v. col·or-cod·ed, col·or-cod·ing, col·or-codes
To color, as wires or papers, according to a code for easy identification.


v.t. -cod•ed, -cod•ing.
to distinguish or classify by a system of colored marks, labels, etc.
col′or code`, n.
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While there are no federal or state regulations in place specifically for color-coded tools, the FDA has developed HACCP procedures that recommend the use of color coding on items such as employee smocks, containers, tools, cleaning equipment and utensils.
CHICAGO, June 18, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Consumers with low self-control to resist food temptations, but not those with high self-control, make healthier in-store food choices in response to traffic light color-coded front-of-pack nutrition information.
In addition to Otis bore brushes being roll stamped with the brush number, all brushes will now feature a color-coded core wire.
Further, a second color-coded indicator on the bottom of the magazine allows the user to select a fuller magazine.
The color-coded hook ring is designed to match other airway products for size.
The movement is to create uniform color-coded wristbands for patient conditions.
Links to the full text of the hand-picked pieces are color-coded according to the publication or author's ideological leaning--left, right, center or beyond.
Other features include security PIN codes, color-coded cables, multiple computer inputs, serial interface and monitor out capability.
Screenshots, sidebars of color-coded 'did you know?
Featuring a "user friendly" and alphabetically organized listing of diverse fish, seaweed and invertebrate aquatic life, Marine Life Of The Pacific Northwest offers a comprehensive compendium of more than 1,400 saltwater plants and animals, and includes a quick reference usability with guide, maps, glossary, index, and color-coded pages for easy information access and identification, as well as entries that include the common name, scientific name, size, range, depth, description, picture, description and comments, and more.
UK adding color-coded food labels: The BBC reports that the British Food Standards Agency has established a voluntary food labeling system that uses color coding to inform consumers.
Bluehill 2 software is divided into color-coded tabs for user convenience.