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or col′or-field`,

of, pertaining to, or characteristic of abstract painting in which large flat areas of color are spread to cover the entire canvas.
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At that time, the '60s, he started framing his paintings with the gold-faced wooden strip that Greenbergian Colorfield painters were using.
The well-known artists whose works are on display include the Swiss painter Alberto Giacometti, the Japanese/American sculptor Isamu Nogochi, the colorfield artists Mark Rothko and Clyfford Still.
While it takes its lead from a fairly well-known idea that Woolf's Monday or Tuesday stories dialogue with Fry's post-impressionist conceptions of art, it resituates this approach in light of the writings of key imagist poets, as well as Kandinsky's art, letting us newly experience this very brief work as the verbal reflection of two types of expressionism, action painting and colorfield painting.
He was completely taken with the romance of colorfield paintings and was inspired by a quote from Frank Stella: "I want my paintings to look as good as the paint does in the can.
Above or beside each square, Zucker has positioned another square of equal size, produced in the same way but of solid color--an abstract colorfield forming a sky and foil to its more pictorial counterpart.
The programming on New Screen TV consists of two types of content: independent films that are acquired by New Screen TV for broadcast on the channel, and original productions produced by Colorfield Studios, an in-house original productions unit.