Producing or imparting color.


(Colours) producing, imparting, or relating to colour


(ˌkʌl əˈrɪf ɪk)

imparting color.
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Designed to support large-venue installations, the Colorific PX9510, PW9520, PU9530, and SU964 provide up to 6,500 ANSI lumens to satisfy the brightness requirements of command and control rooms, houses of worship, conference rooms, and other large spaces.
With the guidance of LOOT Entertainment, we have proudly realized our dream of bringing Koru and his colorific world to over 7 million PlayStation[sup.
Y, -based The Hain Celestial Group, includes: Colorific Plumeria, Body Builder Mango, Drink It Up Coconut Milk, So Smooth Gardenia, Gloss Boss Honeydew and Real Repair Cocoa Butter.
The partnership with FBA was forged through Hindsight's close relationship with children's crafts and toys brand Colorific, an active FBA member.
You can buy three bare-root plants of either the Black Gamecock, Colorific, or Bold Pretender variety for just pounds 8.
The Colorific Double-Ended Metallic/Bold Marker offers two-in-one and are twice the fun of regular markers.
Colorific Double-Ended Metallic Markers come in 8-packs for $6.
is the mother company of Pa- Cc per Mate, Colorific, Parker, Waterman, and Sharpie.
Rise Up Singing (Willie Musson) wins the seven-furlong handicap and Colorific (Barry Hills) takes the
Colorific color matching software is the world's leading utility for helping non-technical PC users get the best color results from their PC's and imaging peripherals.
Available through the company s Integrators Choice Program, the Colorific PX9710, PW9620, and PU9730 are designed to satisfy high brightness requirements in settings such as command and control rooms, houses of worship, and conference room environments.
Colorific Retractable markers have no caps to lose.