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1. Any of various instruments used to determine or specify colors, as by comparison with spectroscopic or visual standards.
2. An instrument that measures the concentration of a known constituent of a solution by comparison with colors of standard solutions of that constituent.

col′or·i·met′ric (-ər-ə-mĕt′rĭk) adj.
col′or·i·met′ri·cal·ly adv.
col′or·im′e·try n.


1. (General Physics) Also called: tintometer an apparatus for determining the concentration of a solution of a coloured substance by comparing the intensity of its colour with that of a standard solution or with standard colour slides
2. (General Physics) any apparatus for measuring the quality of a colour by comparison with standard colours or combinations of colours
colorimetric, ˌcoloriˈmetrical adj
ˌcoloriˈmetrically adv
ˌcolorˈimetry n


(ˌkʌl əˈrɪm ɪ tər)

a device that analyzes color by measuring a given color in terms of a standard color, a scale of colors, or certain primary colors.
col•or•i•met•ric (ˌkʌl ər əˈmɛ trɪk) adj.
col`or•i•met′ri•cal•ly, adv.
col`or•im′e•try, n.
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Noun1.colorimeter - a measuring instrument used in colorimetric analysis to determine the quantity of a substance from the color it yields with specific reagents
measuring device, measuring instrument, measuring system - instrument that shows the extent or amount or quantity or degree of something
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Tenders are invited for Supply & Delivery of ready to use chemical reagents suitable for testing water samples on pre-programmed & Pre-calibrated colorimeters & Spectrophotometers of hach &merck make to tghe water testing laboratories in rwss department andhrapradesh
Thus, Sulyukta will receive blood chemistry analyzers, ophthalmic instruments, photoelectric colorimeters, display microscopes, thermostats, small surgical instrument kit, medical glass cabinets, dental instrument tables and others worth $80,498.
A strong evidence base validates the use of the intuitive colorimeters in clinical practice, supported by numerous publications in well-respected journals.
The new instrument goes well beyond the capabilities of existing colorimeters with advanced features that identify color differences between samples and standards, opacity, and grayscale assessment, as well as highlighting how colors may change in appearance under D65 daylight and Illuminant A household tungsten-filament lighting,
The lab/field colorimeters are rugged and waterproof.
Working in teams, technology education students assembled the colorimeters and learned how the electronic components interact to quantify electromagnetic radiation in the visible light spectrum.
Instruments such as spectrophotometers and colorimeters have been used in industrial and research settings for the measurement of color of a wide range of materials and substrates.
The Gamma Scientific booth (#637) will feature a new Display Reflectance Spectrophotometer for testing thin film optical coatings on displays, as well as display spectroradiometers and colorimeters with industry leading color accuracy and reliability.
Grand Rapids, MI 8/23/07--X-Rite, a maker of color spectrophotometers and colorimeters, has agreed to acquire Pantone for $180 million.
Until now, non-contact color measurement has been served on the low end by inexpensive colorimeters capable of distinguishing only gross color differences.
Applications include fluorescence excitation equipment, colorimeters, blood analyzers, clinical chemistry analyzers, and DNA analyzers.
Typical applications include fluorescence excitation equipment, colorimeters, blood analyzers, clinical chemistry analyzers and DNA analyzers.