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Noun1.coloring book - a picture book with line drawings intended to be colored with crayons by childrencoloring book - a picture book with line drawings intended to be colored with crayons by children
picture book - a book consisting chiefly of pictures
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The 4-year-old girl remained in critical condition at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles after her head and neck became wedged in a car window when she slipped while reaching for a coloring book.
The developers at Image Smith have already created a Flintstones Coloring Book for the Macintosh and Windows platforms that will contain 30 computer coloring book pages of Flintstones characters in classic poses.
Both the pamphlet and the coloring book will be available without charge on Fiesta Day and Kids Day at the Hampton Classic as well as at other selected horse events nationwide.
I put all my best art lessons together, and translated them into a coloring book format.
With his reproductions of runaway slave broadside advertisements, his text paintings and recent coloring book paintings, Ligon exploits the meanings, missions and ambiguities found in texts and images meant to somehow represent aspects of the African American existence.
Anyone who can keep within the lines of a coloring book can tackle hand-tinting.
All About The Little Coloring Book That Caused A National Controversy
Lovely Leisure is a coloring book publisher, specializing in coloring books for adults.
This coloring book is companion to the published eBook, due to come out in February, accompanied by a sing-along video.
MILLBURY - Just in time for Millbury's 200th birthday, the Mansion Gift Shoppe is introducing the new Asa Waters Mansion coloring book for children of all ages.
The Federal Emergency Management Agency removed the controversial coloring book from its website after it came under fire for endorsing the book for children that included pictures of disasters such as fires, floods and terrorist attacks.