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Noun1.coloring book - a picture book with line drawings intended to be colored with crayons by childrencoloring book - a picture book with line drawings intended to be colored with crayons by children
picture book - a book consisting chiefly of pictures
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com)-- Everybody's favorite cryptocurrency now has its own coloring book.
For one particular group of adults--university professors, academics, scholars--a coloring book has emerged.
She gave a child who was meeting with one of the art therapists a coloring book and crayons.
Mocking the war, he bought a GI Joe Coloring Book and half-gallon of whiskey, for a drunken send-off with his fraternity brothers.
On a whim Herald purchased a GI Joe Coloring Book and a half-gallon of whiskey to celebrate with his fraternity brothers.
Best Loved Psalms is a peaceful coloring book featuring idyllic nature scenes and soothing psalms.
Nola intends to create more geometry themed coloring books, as well as some others she has in mind beginning with "Robot Fashion Show: A Geometrical Coloring Book Experience", which features 30 original robot images make up a unique sci-fi themed coloring book about an intergalactic fashion show where the robots model their specially designed outfits on either futuristic stages or their space ships.
International in scope, this adult coloring book features designs by Georges Barbier and Robert Bonfils from the V&A's outstanding collection.
Nice hot shower, flannel pajamas, pancakes for dinner, glass of chardonnay and two hours of sheer relaxation with her favorite adult coloring book.
That is the reason NAB has taken this initiative of introducing coloring book for primary level children in a bid to re-emphasize its commitment towards eradication of corruption by involving children through their teachers at an early age,' he said.
Thick paper, printed on only one side, makes for a superior coloring book experience while and detailed images of women, flowers, and patterned interior designs such as drapes are designed to attract female coloring fans with familiar, warm images.
If the artwork on the cover of The Inklings Coloring Book looks familiar, it's because James A.