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1. A painter skilled in achieving special effects with color.
2. A hairdresser who specializes in dyeing hair.
3. An artist who adds color and shading to black-and-white art, as in a graphic novel or comic book.

col′or·is′tic adj.


(ˈkʌl ər ɪst)

1. a person who uses or works with color.
2. a hairdresser who colors women's hair.
col`or•is′tic, adj.
col`or•is′ti•cal•ly, adv.


an artist who uses color or who is distinguished by the way in which he uses color.
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Noun1.colorist - a painter able to achieve special effects with color
painter - an artist who paints
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Contract notice: Mission landscape urbanist architect colorist council.
Van Hurkman, a writer, director, and colorist, helps new and experienced colorists understand techniques used for video and cinema color correction using professional grading software.
Great salon with 6 stylist, 1 nail tech, 1 colorist.
Co-author David Gross is a film colorist and editor at Fox Studios in Australia.
95) series, a science fiction thriller featuring the talents of author Tony Bedard, penciler Paul Pelletier, colorist James Rochelle, letterer Troy Peteri, and several other contributors.
The elaborate and highly collaborative process involved a writer, a penciler, an inker, a colorist and an editor, the show's organizers say.
Rita Hazan, hair colorist to the stars, has moved her salon to 720 Fifth Avenue and will now offer services from brow guru Ramy.
Any knowledgeable colorist is well aware of its psychological properties.
To complement these changes, Pantene recruited three celebrity hairstylists to its newly reformed Pantene Shine squad: stylist Brett Freedman, colorist Rita Hazan and Tippi Shorter, owner of Luxe salon in Manhattan.
We Invite Your Interviews June 22-24 With Peter Doyle, Award-Winning Visual Effects Master & Digital Colorist
Founded by acclaimed hair colorist and biochemist Henri Mastey in 1976, Mastey de Paris pioneered a full line of healthy products, including the 1981 release of Traite(R), the first and only Sulfate-Free shampoo to utilize an EFA cleansing base to moisturize and preserve hair color.
The DR-Color(TM) works with 2K DPX and Cineon files in realtime, which allows a colorist to manipulate primaries, secondaries, effects and geometries (pan-scan-rotate-zoom) either while the content is playing or in single frame mode.