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1. A painter skilled in achieving special effects with color.
2. A hairdresser who specializes in dyeing hair.
3. An artist who adds color and shading to black-and-white art, as in a graphic novel or comic book.

col′or·is′tic adj.


(ˈkʌl ər ɪst)

1. a person who uses or works with color.
2. a hairdresser who colors women's hair.
col`or•is′tic, adj.
col`or•is′ti•cal•ly, adv.


an artist who uses color or who is distinguished by the way in which he uses color.
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Noun1.colorist - a painter able to achieve special effects with color
painter - an artist who paints
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Product name: Colour Black FW 255 Attributes/comments: COLOUR BLACK FW 255 Carbon Black pigment features high jetness, coloristic performance and compatibility with both water- and solvent-based systems.
music that demanded focus, compactness and subtle coloristic breadth;
In the field of pigments, for example, Metz notes that the both the coloristic properties and durability of any biobased alternatives must meet performance expectations over the full life cycles of applied coatings.
The overture's light-weight approach to music drama, attesting to prior musical convention, hinted at the harmonic and coloristic changes Wagner later injected into his orchestral writing.
Edgeworth's coloristic practice and her choice of botanical subjects are, then, anything but commonplace.
Another interesting coloristic difference here derives from the arpeggiated chords on the third beat of m.
Perhaps the most coloristic components of language reside in consonants, which, in the pedagogy of singing, regrettably are regarded as the ugly stepsisters of vowels--seen as roadblocks that interrupt the golden tone rather than signposts that illuminate its glory.
The endlessly pilloried Fauvist dispensations exemplified by that work opened tremendous coloristic vistas to us, as did the artist's Red Studio, 1911, and Wassily Kandinsky's astonishing Improvisation 27 (Garden of Love II), 1912.
One of her wings hangs loosely, she squats; her chicks are beneath her, except for a few who've escaped or are about to escape; she's painted with great vigor and coloristic truth, and her chicks very softly: their down, their innocence, the giddiness of the newly hatched are here.
Though there are often many small compositions on a program, these pieces are held together by an easily understood common thread and are made even more interesting by the varying coloristic palette that different combinations of instruments and voice allow.
For many years the use of high flowing engineered resins, such as Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP), have been used for very detailed and intricate parts in the electronics and connector industries where function and performance far outweigh any need for coloristic attributes.