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A process by which color is digitally applied to black-and-white images.
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Sandrew invented the first all-digital process for colorization in 1986 and re-invented the process in 2001 at Legend3D.
The campaign aims to achieve wide awareness with the Chinese customers on Fuji Xerox providing technologies with high reproducibility of delicate and beautiful color tones, as well as its advanced eco technologies to meet the needs of document colorization in the Chinese Market.
From the vibrant tones found in Red Car to the dramatic colorization of Black Car, Becker has been able to create multiple moods through his well-plotted manipulations.
The volume covers all major program functions and common uses of the program including technical drawings, creative art, colorization, typography, web design, pre-press and printing, and includes step-by-step instructions and numerous screen shots as well as expert tips and tricks.
Of course, tampering with a supposed ``classic'' will rankle some film buffs the way colorization did, but there are differences.
The dreamlike effect of the commercials is achieved in part through the process of colorization for an ethereal quality.
In addition, Hebrew University researchers have been developing a strong and diversified portfolio of innovative imaging technologies including 3D visualization manipulations, real-time pattern matching, colorization of still images and movies and animation techniques, all of which are available for licensing.
New tools and functions for camera calibration, orthophoto display, vector editing and point cloud colorization simplify and enhance Inpho workflows.
Moving beyond simple examples of the technology such as face detection modes, tone mapping and panorama features available in today's consumer digital cameras, essays discuss such advanced topics as single capture image fusion, super-resolution imaging, color algorithms, automatic image colorization and machine learning.
By adding depth, height and width to any media content for 2D or 3D presentations with any two speakers or headphones, AstoundSound processed audio remains in-phase, center channel imaging is not affected, and the resultant audio has no tone colorization - a common issue with other spatial audio technology.
The book also includes a grey and color checker card, so you can tweak your captured photos for optimal colorization.
custom visualizations, allowing users to quickly recognize task progress based on colorization