colour wash

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Noun1.colour wash - a wash of whitewash or other water-base paint tinted with a colored pigment
wash - a thin coat of water-base paint
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For a subtle effect choose pastel shades of acrylic emulsion to paint the wall and use a mixed glaze one or two shades darker to colour wash the walls to achieve a soft diffused appearance.
NICOLA Cleasby, 42, an administrator from London, had a semi-permanent Colour Wash Lip Tint a year ago.
Papers with an overall colour wash effect are easier to hang than papers with a regular pattern that needs matching every few centimetres.
Virgin Vie Colour Wash Lipstick in Sheer Candy: Very sheer, which is important.
Here are a few effects to choose from: Colour washing: Once the base colour is dry, simply apply the glaze with a colour wash brush in a random,criss-cross way.
You should paint on a pastel base coat,let it dry overnight and then colour wash over the surface with a darker glaze to produce a very good effect.