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n. colporrafia, sutura de la vagina.
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For the reconstructive vaginal surgeon, this eliminated the ability to bill for additional procedures, such as combined colporrhaphy and apical vaginal suspensions," reported Dr.
Anterior vaginal prolapse repair: A randomised trial of traditional anterior colporrhaphy and self-tailored mesh repair.
Vaginal colporrhaphy, for example, is the preferred choice for anterior or posterior repair.
While some reports cite low long-term recurrence rates (> 5%) after anterior colporrhaphy, most publications cite > 40% anterior compartment recurrence rates.
Trial to Evaluate Anterior Colporrhaphy Against the Elevate Anterior and Apical Prolapse Repair System
Paravaginal repair of anterior prolapse with synthetic mesh is associated with a higher anatomic success rate than is xenograft repair; both of these interventions were more successful than standard colporrhaphy, based on interim results of a double-blind, randomized, controlled study.
This combination is superior to anterior colporrhaphy or sacrospinous colpofixation with or without vaginal paravaginal repair.
The investigators found that a total of 42 of the 57 patients (74%) had sacral colpopexy; 7 (12%) had uterosacral suspension; 6 (11%) had total vaginal mesh placed; and 2 (3%) had posterior colporrhaphy.
Continence surgery Burch retropubic Acute risks are colposuspension, urinary retention, anterior colporrhaphy, wound infection, suburethral sling urinary tract procedures (eg, infection, surgical tension-free vaginal injury, bleeding, tape) time lost from work or other activities, and expense.
You could either have an anterior (front) colporrhaphy or a posterior (back) colporrhaphy or a combination of the two.
A 58-year-old postmenopausal woman with a 15-cm complex cystic right adnexal mass, uterine prolapse, and a large cystocele presented for a laparoscopy, total vaginal hysterectomy, bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy, and anterior and posterior colporrhaphy.
Before being trained in and performing vaginal mesh procedures, surgeons should be competent in native tissue prolapse repairs such as anterior colporrhaphy, posterior repair, and vaginal suspension procedures (sacrospinous or uterosacral ligament fixation).