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 (kŏl′əm-bâr′ē-əm) also col·um·bar·y (kŏl′əm-bĕr′ē)
n. pl. col·um·bar·i·a (-ē-ə) also col·um·bar·ies
a. A vault with niches for urns containing ashes of the dead.
b. One of the niches in such a vault.
a. A dovecote.
b. A pigeonhole in a dovecote.

[Latin columbārium, sepulchre for urns, dovecote, from columba, dove.]


n, pl -ia (-ɪə)
1. (Architecture) another name for a dovecote
2. (Architecture) a vault having niches for funeral urns
3. (Building) a hole in a wall into which a beam is inserted
[C18: from Latin, from columba dove]


(ˌkɒl əmˈbɛər i əm)

n., pl. -bar•i•a (-ˈbɛər i ə)
1. a sepulchral vault or other structure with recesses in the walls to receive the ashes of the dead.
2. any one of these recesses.
[1840–50; < Latin: literally, a nesting box for pigeons <columb(a) pigeon, dove]


a vault where the remains of cremated bodies are kept, usually in one of a number of recesses in a wall.
See also: Burial, Death
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Noun1.columbarium - a birdhouse for pigeonscolumbarium - a birdhouse for pigeons    
birdhouse - a shelter for birds
2.columbarium - a niche for a funeral urn containing the ashes of the cremated deadcolumbarium - a niche for a funeral urn containing the ashes of the cremated dead
niche, recess - an enclosure that is set back or indented
3.columbarium - a sepulchral vault or other structure having recesses in the walls to receive cinerary urns
burial vault, vault - a burial chamber (usually underground)
References in classic literature ?
Around him, and in groups, according to their fancy, lying in their mantles, or with their backs against a sort of stone bench, which went all round the columbarium, were to be seen twenty brigands or more, each having his carbine within reach.
Then, by the gleam of a lamp, similar to that which lighted the columbarium, Albert was to be seen wrapped up in a cloak which one of the bandits had lent him, lying in a corner in profound slumber.
Araneta's inurnment will be on Sunday, February 25, at the Saint Therese Columbarium, Newport Boulevard, Pasay City.
The works include the creation of a columbarium, The creation of a square of angels and the requalification of existing burial sites.
Burial will be at Christ the King Columbarium in Quezon City on Nov.
This is not as odd as it sounds as the urn containing her ashes was placed in a niche in a columbarium.
Musgrove Family Mortuaries has restored a Volkswagen bus and converted it to a columbarium for cremated remains.
The gardens have become a place for wedding receptions and dinners on the ground, and there have been times when the haunting skirl of a bagpipe has accompanied a faithful and beloved church member to the columbarium situated in the garden to bid farewell.
Most people will bury the ashes or place them in the Columbarium Wall or the Garden of Remembrance in the cemeteries.
Covering 47 percent of the space, it will include the usual altar-sacristy, seating area, rectory, columbarium, chapel, multipurpose rooms, and three offices.
For those planning to proceed to the malls on All Saints Day, after visiting their beloved departed in cemeteries or the columbarium, be guided by the operating hours of some Robinsons malls on November 1st.
Construction began in fall 2013 and the columbarium was installed this fall.