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A black, red-brown, or colorless mineral, essentially (Fe, Mn)(Nb, Ta)2O6, the principal ore of niobium.


(Minerals) a black mineral consisting of a niobium oxide of iron and manganese in orthorhombic crystalline form: occurs in coarse granite, often with tantalite, and is an ore of niobium. Formula: (Fe, Mn)(Nb)2O6. Also called: niobite
[C19: from columbium + -ite1]


(kəˈlʌm baɪt)

a black mineral, mainly iron niobate, (Fe, Mn)Nb2O6, the chief ore of niobium.
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Noun1.columbite - a black mineral that is an ore of niobium and tantalum
atomic number 41, Nb, niobium - a soft grey ductile metallic element used in alloys; occurs in niobite; formerly called columbium
atomic number 73, Ta, tantalum - a hard grey lustrous metallic element that is highly resistant to corrosion; occurs in niobite and fergusonite and tantalite
mineral - solid homogeneous inorganic substances occurring in nature having a definite chemical composition
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The pegmatite fields of San Luis have an important past record of producing mica, beryl, spodumene, tantalite (tantalum oxide), columbite (niobium oxide), and recently potassium feldspar, albite and quartz.
Primary exports include coal, tin, columbite, petroleum and rubber products, wood, hides and skins, textiles, cement and other construction materials, food products, footwear, chemicals, fertilizer, printing, ceramics and steel.
Columbite The principal deposits of columbite are found in the younger granites of Plateau, Bauchi.
columbite, tantalite and tungsten--which are the components of coltan.
Tantalum is primarily obtained from the minerals columbite ((Fe, Mn, Mg)[(Nb, Ta).
Despite vast extractive resources including diamonds, chromite, and reserves of rutile that are among the world's largest, along with bauxite, columbite and gold, the country has consistently ranked among the least developed in the UNDP Human Development Index and is one of the poorest, with a per capita income of about US $700 (at official exchange rates) and one of the world's most unequal income distributions, with a Gini Index of 66.
This residue is largely comprised of zircon (zirconium silicate) and columbite (niobium and tantalum mineral) along with any silicate gangue minerals that have not broken down during the acid bake process.
Natural resources: Oil and natural gas (37% of 2006 GDP), tin, columbite, iron ore, coal, limestone, lead, zinc.
Nigeria has arguably the largest Bitumen, Columbite and Tin deposits in the world today.
The following standards and were used: Al on sanidine, Ca on titanite, Cl on NaCl, Cr on chromite, F on topaz, Fe on andradite, K on orthoclase, Mg on olivine, Mn on spessartine, Na on albite, Nb on columbite, Si on titanite, Ti on titanite and Zn on gahnite.
It was proposed that Japan would increase her purchases of Nigerian traditional goods such as cocoa, cotton, groundnut, palm oil, rubber, timber, tin ore and columbite (Japan and Africa, v.
could include but is not limited to Chinese tungsten, Jamaican or Australian bauxite, African cocoa beans, Brazilian tantalite and columbite, and coffee from a range of foreign locations.