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Gonad pale beige, lying along superior and columellar surfaces of visceral whorls posterior to stomach.
Inset the flap by placing a single 5-0 PDS suture from the base of the flap to the apex of the columellar incision.
The edible part of abalone can be differentiated into 3 parts: the columellar region (adductor muscle), the epipodium, and the petal sole (Olley & Thrower 1977).
Description: Shell of small to medium size, constricted anteriorly; maximum height of shell nearly centered; maximum width of shell slightly posterior of center; dentition coarse to medium with smooth interstices; columellar lip with 11 teeth, labral lip with 15 teeth; aperture fairly wide and straight, curved posteriorly toward columella, widens anteriorly; terminal canals deep; columella slightly inflated; prominent anterior terminal ridges form a slight marginal callus: posterior terminal ridge extended from base of spire to form a slight marginal callus; spire of medium height and partially exposed due to shell loss.
The statolith theory is based on the sedimentation of dense starch grams within columellar cells of the root cap, and the gravitational pressure theory is based on a settling of the entire protoplast within the extracellular matrix, due to the effects of hydrostatic buoyancy.
Thais haemastoma is a large gastropod with a strong columellar muscle and heat may have made prying them from their shells easier.
After the necessary orthodontic treatment was completed, the following surgical procedures were performed at 1 operation (Figure 6): 1) multiple-segment Le Fort I osteotomies to advance the upper jaw 8 mm, 2) bilateral mandibular ramus sagittal split osteotomies to advance the lower jaw 16 mm, 3) a 5-mm chin implant, 4) a nasal septoplasty; 5) bilateral partial inferior turbinectomies, and 6) nasal columellar narrowing to enlarge the nostrils.
The product can be trimmed to suit a variety of anatomical conditions and surgical needs including rhinoplasty and septoplasty procedures, and the temporary scaffold can be used to construct columellar struts, septal extension grafts, alar battens, and upper lateral replacement grafts.
Extracorporeal septoplasty begins with initial exposure via both marginal and columellar external rhinoplasty incisions.
Effects of starvation on RNA:DNA ratio, glycogen content, and C:N ratio in columellar muscle of the Japanese turban shell Turbo (Batillus) cornutus (Gastropoda).
In contrast to all other congenerics, the palatal fold and columellar lamella whorl can be seen in the aperture in oblique view.