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[From New Latin Comātulidae, former family name, from Late Latin comātulus, having neatly curled hair, from Latin comātus, having long hair; see comate1.]

co·mat′u·lid adj.


(kəˈmætjʊlɪd) or


n, pl -lids or -lae (-liː)
(Animals) any of a group of crinoid echinoderms, including the feather stars, in which the adults are free-swimming
[C19: from New Latin Comatulidae, from Comatula type genus, from Latin comātus hairy]
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Noun1.comatulid - free-swimming stalkless crinoid with ten feathery armscomatulid - free-swimming stalkless crinoid with ten feathery arms; found on muddy sea bottoms
crinoid - primitive echinoderms having five or more feathery arms radiating from a central disk
Antedon, genus Antedon - a genus of echinoderms of the family Antedonidae