combat trousers

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combat trousers

(ˈkɒmbæts; -bəts; ˈkʌm-) or


pl n
(Clothing & Fashion) loose casual trousers with large pockets on the legs
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A management buy-out of the firm in 1996 initially proved successful with sales soaring past pounds 40m on the back of the fashion for combat trousers.
He had an Irish accent and was wearing green combat trousers, a white shirt and black boots.
The woman, in her late 20s, was wearing a white hooded top and light combat trousers.
50, by Per Una @ M&S; combat trousers, pounds 25, and sweater, pounds 28, Top Shop; scarf, pounds 28, by View From @ M&S
He was wearing a black woollen hat, black fleece, combat trousers and boots.
The other has mousy hair and was wearing dark green combat trousers and a black tracksuit top with white sleeve stripes.
4 Green combat trousers, pounds 35, brown bag, pounds 15, both Top Shop, green top, pounds 9.
His accomplice is about 5ft 6in, of stocky build, with an Irish accent and also wearing black and white combat trousers and a black jacket.
He was last seen wearing a light green T-shirt and combat trousers.
The fans didn't seem to mind, though, and the girls, dressed in white vests and combat trousers, put on a lively show - with five months pregnant Natasha not letting her bump slow her down.
He wore spectacles, a white woolly hat, a dark sweater and grey combat trousers.
Campbell, who earlier this year completed the London Marathon, was rather too swift for the joker in the combat trousers.

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