combat trousers

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combat trousers

(ˈkɒmbæts; -bəts; ˈkʌm-) or


pl n
(Clothing & Fashion) loose casual trousers with large pockets on the legs
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He was wearing thick-rimmed glasses, combat trousers and a maroon coat.
He was last seen wearing a black and grey Berghaus coat, black combat trousers with navy Adidas trainers.
He is 6ft, of slim build, with short dark hair and was last seen wearing burgundy and grey camouflage combat trousers, army-style black boots, a black jumper and a black fleece.
He was wearing black combat trousers and a black zip up hooded top.
Nicole was dressed in a pair of khaki combat trousers, a white vest and had a bandana wrapped around her head.
He was wearing a black baseball cap, blue jacket with EON written on in orange and black combat trousers and was carrying a small black device.
Combat trousers They may be extremely comfortable, but combat trousers will do nothing to benefit the shape of the leg, particularly on a shorter man as they tend to add extra volume and make you look dumpy.
He was last seen wearing combat trousers, a navy blue fleece, walking shoes and is believed to be carrying a dark-coloured backpack.
One of the men is described as wearing a high-visibility jacket, grey combat trousers and grey and black Air Max trainers.
The ragged khaki combat trousers with a biege shirt and a hat similar to those worn by archaeologists has gone a long time ago with the fall of the British Empire.
The show also features dancers in Army combat trousers and denim caps for a modern twist and don't forget your cowboy boots.
The force is to ask the public what it thinks of the uniform, which includes baseball hats, black polo shirts and combat trousers, introduced in 2005.

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