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(kəmˈbaɪ nə bəl)

capable of combining or being combined.
com•bin`a•bil′i•ty, n.
com•bin′a•bly, adv.
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Adj.1.combinable - able to or tending to combine
combinative, combinatory - marked by or relating to or resulting from combination
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these are the following, Combinable services: - collection of goods from specified shipping points, - transportation to the defined departure airports or seaports, - onward transport to the respective destination country, - transport by road to the destination country, - delivery to service partner, Final recipient, Campaign location etc, - organization of imports and their delivery, - customs clearance according to the respective applicable legal regulations (the future service provider acts as a direct representative within the meaning of the customs law art.
For example, barley could be sown with a pea mixture, winter beans with wheat or a combinable crop undersown with clover mixes.
NFU combinable crops board chairman Mike Hambly said: "While it is good news that we are seeing overall yields increase, many farmers are still struggling with unpredictable weather, rising input prices and restricted access to plant protection products.
Perkin Evans, chairman of the NFU Cymru Combinable Crops and Horticulture Working Group, said: "After many delays to any re-authorisation of glyphosate, we're pleased to see a positive decision has been made for agriculture.
The six combinable properties at a glance are: Abrasionresistant Antimicrobial Antistatic Hydrophobic Washable and Flame-resistant.
The deals are not combinable with any other promotions or discounts.
A wheat farmer and the NFU combinable crops board chairman Andrew Watts said, "It seems many farmers have written 2013 off and are trying to do what they can with the crops in the ground.
Stratford farmer Jim Meadows represents farmers across the West Midlands as regional NFU combinable crops chairman, and says the sector has a promising future.
Terms and conditions apply, not combinable with any other offer.
According to the agricultural purchasing co-operative's annual Aglnflation Index, which uses data from the business's buying office, combinable crops had been subject to the most input inflation.
The Fengrain store located at March in Cambridgeshire is registered under the Trade Assured Scheme for Combinable Crops and provides a 100,000 tonne grain storage facility with a sophisticated sampling system.
Configurable options enable you to set rules giving travellers the choice between one-way combinable and round-trip fares.