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v. com·bined, com·bin·ing, com·bines
1. To bring into a state of unity; make united: combined the ingredients in a bowl; combined the eggs and flour.
2. To join (two or more substances) to make a single substance, such as a chemical compound; mix.
3. To have, exhibit, or involve in combination: The choreography combines artistry and athletics.
4. (kŏm′bīn′) To harvest (a grain crop) using a cutting, threshing, and cleaning machine.
1. To become united: factors that combined to produce a storm.
2. To join together for a common purpose. See Synonyms at join.
3. Chemistry To form a compound.
4. (kŏm′bīn′) To harvest a grain crop using a cutting, threshing, and cleaning machine.
n. (kŏm′bīn′)
1. A power-operated harvesting machine that cuts, threshes, and cleans grain.
2. An association of people or groups united for the furtherance of political or commercial interests.
3. A combination.

[Middle English combinen, from Old French combiner, from Late Latin combīnāre : Latin com-, com- + bīnī, two by two; see dwo- in Indo-European roots.]

com·bin′er n.
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Sungrow, a global inverter solution supplier for renewables, has installed its 2MW SG2000MV turnkey station and waterproof combiner box for a floating PV plant on the Mitakabe Pond in Sanuki-shi Kagawa Prefecture, Japan.
It enables operators to align upgrade processes in EPON and GPON solutions, and reduce power attenuation caused by combiners.
Bentek introduces its 2nd generation 1000VDC AFCI string combiner with industry leading string-level Arc-Fault Detection technology (1 sensor per input) that virtually eliminates nuisance trips and resultant truck rolls.
ETL has designed new functionality and increased benefits into a series of advanced products, including its StingRay RF over Fibre and Dextra splitters and combiners.
The proposed scheme, called Combiner, uses bitwise exclusive disjunction (XOR) for the manipulation of data within packets from different data channels.
ETL Systems' Dextra Splitters and Combiners A new range of web-enabled professional splitters and combiners to cover the L-band frequency range will be available to view at NAB SHOW for the first time.
In this paper, a compact waveguide-based multi-way traveling-wave power combiner is presented, which combines the traveling-wave power combining technique and spatial power combining technique.
If the polarizer-cavity is removed and UWB end-fire radiators, such as Vivaldi [17] or Quasi-Yagi [18] antennas, are used in place of dipoles or slots, the bandwidth of the power combiner can be increased.
Introducing the universal combiner has no measurable effect on the way the networks perform and no additional antenna infrastructure is required - the universal combiner is installed at ground level, eliminating the need for any mast climbing.
Because of its compact and modular design, the combiner can be configured to fit into the smallest transmitter room, while allowing an additional frequency to be added when required.
The Helio Protection fuse line, which includes the HP6M, HP 10M, and HP6J, provides desirable overcurrent protection at the combiner box and inverter levels and covers applications ranging from 1 A to 400 A, 600 VDC, and 1000 VDC.
26 -- Aeroflex has introduced the 3065A RF combiner, the latest addition to the 3060 Series of PXI RF conditioning modules for communications system test applications.