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Small loose pieces of material, such as hairs or wool, removed with a comb.


pl n
1. the loose hair, wool, etc, removed by combing, esp that of animals
2. (Textiles) the unwanted loose short fibres removed in combing cotton, etc


(ˈkoʊ mɪŋz)
hairs removed with a comb or a brush.


[ˈkəʊmɪŋz] NPLpeinaduras fpl
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I desired the queen's woman to save for me the combings of her majesty's hair, whereof in time I got a good quantity; and consulting with my friend the cabinet-maker, who had received general orders to do little jobs for me, I directed him to make two chair-frames, no larger than those I had in my box, and to bore little holes with a fine awl, round those parts where I designed the backs and seats; through these holes I wove the strongest hairs I could pick out, just after the manner of cane chairs in England.
The Innocence Project found that pubic hair combings and cuttings were still available from the crime.
Al-Ayyam said Hamas Interior Ministry in Gaza accused political and security elements in the West Bank of being behind a recent series of car combings in Gaza.
The cockpit is a well protected area behind the bulkheads of Buizen's high deck saloon cabin top and tall combings will make this a cosy area at sea.
Then oakum, combings, and sundry things dumped on shelves and corner cupboards as was usual in the house of a well-to-do farmer in those days.
The waste combings go into straw bales for new-age building and of course the grain is milled into flour for delicious bread and cakes.
In addition, human blood was detected on oral swabs and smear slides, head hair combings and fingernail scrapings collected from Mr.
The combings started just days after heavy fighting erupted across the border in South Kordofan, on June 5, between the Sudanese Armed Forces (Northern army) and militia aligned to the soon-to-be-independent South.
840) for selling Molly's combings, and that Molly was selling clothes and performing in a temperance coffee house to make money.
75 feet--1 1/2-inch-by-1 1/2-inch-by-3/16-inch aluminum angle (hatch combings, strakes on hull bottoms)
They also noted the importance of collecting head-hair combings, because the nature of the hairs shed in their study were more similar to the naturally shed hairs encountered in combings than to the hairs encountered in plucked, known head-hair samples.