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Of or relating to comedy.

co·me′di·cal·ly adv.


from a comedic point of view or in a comedic manner
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The show comedically chronicles the lives of the Stallworths who relocated to the suburbs, headed by the dad Tony Stallworth (Omar Gooding), a struggling general contractor, and his wife Lisa (Angell Conwell), an unfulfilled stay-at-home mom.
THE SERIOUS BUSINESS OF COMEDY "FROM the start, we wanted it to be a caper, which is really good fun and really interesting comedically, but when you get to the third act, you have a thousand threads to tie-up, and we're trying to do it in one long extended scene," notes Brighton-born Laurence, whose other writing credits include 2013 comedy series Yonderland.
I'm guessing the comedically terrible experience of trying to get tickets for #Dismaland is pretty much exactly what Banksy was going for.
Kyle has grown into his persona and he now gurns comedically while prowling around the stage like a panther.
But when I heard Strand read "Old Man Leaves Party" at AWP in 2008, I saw that he was performing the lines "It was clear when I left the party /That though I was over eighty I still had / a beautiful body" comedically, though when I read the poem on my own I hadn't registered those lines as anything but sincere.
Turner's father has accepted the role of studio drudge, his housekeeper is the focus of his comedically fumbling passes and we also meet his former mistress and three illegitimate children.
You're never going to see a giant puddle of blood, unless it's so comedically huge that it comes all the way around and becomes funny again," Mike further said about the undercover mission to (http://www.
In cases of websites that are charged with repeat offenses, the damage awards can become comedically large, (94) as if something out of an Austin Powers movie.
The medium would thus seem to be a more promising venue for featuring visually and comedically complex depictions of combat.
Performance storytellers Tim Ralphs, Rachel Rose Reid and Ben Haggarty, make their tongue-in-cheek selections from a quirky, magical and comedically gruesome menu of fairytale and myth.
Gabrovians, comedically speaking, are a perfect example.
You can still get a lot of good gags out of the show, which is a good thing comedically speaking, but a bad thing for society at large, since it shows exactly how strong a stranglehold it has on our culture.