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She was a large woman, with flaxen hair, and a boldly painted face, a metallic voice, and the breezy manner of a comedienne accustomed to be on friendly terms with the gallery boys of provincial music-halls.
But if in this she was a comedienne then it was but a great achievement of her ineradicable honesty.
One of Kenya's funniest comediennes, Teacher Wanjiku, has for the first time opened up about her family.
Selon une declaration du realisateur a Al Bayane, Loubna Fasiki fait partie des rares actrices et comediennes marocaines qui ont marie la recherche academique et le talent artistique.
Plusieurs comediennes, meme mes amis, m'ont carrement boudee.
After Nida, the next batch of lovely comediennes were the socalled "Dolphy's Angels," cute and sexy kittens led by Carmi Martin, who's popular to this day (she's on "Ismol Family").
Des lors, les comediennes se specialiserent dans l'art du chant (2).
Summary: Comediennes Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are teaming up to present the annual Golden Globes ceremony.
BOLLYWOOD dancers, drummers, poets and comediennes joined in the North Wales Black History Month family Eisteddfod on Anglesey.
With no female Fringe performers making this year's cut -out of 44 comediennes -1995 winner Jenny Eclair remains the only solo female Perrier winner to date.
The Cardiff-based comediennes are selling the first live performance on the internet auction site ebay - and they're prepared to travel to the other side of the world, if the price is right.
ORGANISERS of a nationwide search to find new comediennes have been inundated with applications - from teachers.