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tr.v. com·fort·ed, com·fort·ing, com·forts
1. To soothe in time of affliction or distress.
2. To ease physically; relieve: comforted the feverish patient with a cool cloth.
a. A condition or feeling of pleasurable physical ease or relief from pain or stress: finally sat in comfort on the soft pillows.
b. A condition of well-being, contentment, and security: an income that allowed them to live in comfort.
a. Solace or consolation in time of sorrow or distress: soothing words of comfort.
b. Help; assistance: gave comfort to the enemy.
a. Something providing ease, convenience, or security: the comforts of modern living.
b. A person or thing that brings consolation or mental ease: a friend who was a comfort to me in my grief.
4. Chiefly Southern & Lower Northern US A quilted bedcover; a comforter.

[Middle English comforten, from Old French conforter, to strengthen, from Late Latin cōnfortāre : Latin com-, intensive pref.; see com- + Latin fortis, strong; see bhergh- in Indo-European roots.]

com′fort·ing·ly adv.
Synonyms: comfort, console1, solace
These verbs mean to give hope or help to in time of grief or pain: comforted the distressed child; consoling a recent widow; solaced myself with a hot cup of coffee. See Also Synonyms at amenity.
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Adv.1.comfortingly - in a comforting or consoling manner; "one part of a strange world should be given a comfortingly familiar form"


[ˈkʌmfərtɪŋli] adv [say] → de manière réconfortantecomfort station n (US)toilettes fplcomfort zone n
to be outside one's comfort zone → ne pas être sur son terrain de prédilection
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I never know you was so brave, Jim,' she went on comfortingly.
Tom's face was drawn and white, though the smitten cheek still blazed, and Saxon wanted to put her arms comfortingly around him, yet dared not.
On that last text their leader-writer expanded very comfortingly.
I spoke comfortingly to them and said, 'We must draw our ship on to the land, and hide the ship's gear with all our property in some cave; then come with me all of you as fast as you can to Circe's house, where you will find your comrades eating and drinking in the midst of great abundance.
come from the elderly staid spectators, who pat her comfortingly.
She's gone now and that's the last of it," said Cecily comfortingly .
Behind the bar Schomberg with a cigar in his teeth, pretended to be writing with a pencil on a large sheet of paper; and as Hermann's excitement increased it made me comfortingly aware of my own calmness and supe riority.
He came back, at the moment when Bella had taken the hand comfortingly between her own.
Which is why, after careful discussion, Charlie came to be on my operating table, with heart and respiration monitor bleeping away comfortingly and veterinary nurse concentrating calmly on his vital signs.
Along the way they are joined, the pictures show us, by various creatures: the kite who will, dove-like, spot the leaf that signifies landfall; the polar bear who is victim of our mistreatment of the environment; the gentle whales that swim comfortingly alongside the travellers.
Handling through the bends is smooth, stable and comfortingly predictable, due primarily to a suspension system which belies the price.
CLAIR DE LUNE MARSHMALLOW NOAH POD THIS beautiful grey wicker Moses basket creates a comfortingly cocooned sleeping space for your baby.