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(kŏm′ĭk-ŏp′ər-ə, -ŏp′rə)
Not to be taken seriously: comic-opera politics; a comic-opera style of uniform.

com′ic op′era

opera with spoken dialogue, comical scenes or characters, and a happy ending.


farcically inept or inane.
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Perhaps Dafydd Elis Thomas might like to don his University of Wales doctoral robes on those occasions by way of showing the world that in Wales we also have a University that doesn't conduct itself with the absurd comic-opera ritual one gets in places like Oxford and Cambridge.
Tenor Lawrence Wiliford, featured on one track, continues to show his versatility--from comic-opera clown to serious recitalist.
With guerrilla insouciance and giddy confidence, Borinsky challenges the picaresque genre, playing through a madcap array of narrative asides, capturing a culture in chaos, indeed a culture feeding upon its own chaos, a cartoon culture suspended uneasily between comic-opera irony and self-inflicted apocalypse.