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 (kə-mĭt′ə-tĭv, kŏm′ĭ-tā′-)
Of, relating to, or being the grammatical case indicating accompaniment in some languages, as in Finnish professorine "(along) with the professor."
1. The comitative case.
2. A word or form in the comitative case.

[Latin comitārī, comitāt-, to accompany (from comes, comit-, companion; see count2) + -ive.]


(ˈkɒmɪˌteɪtɪv) grammar
(of a case) expressing accompaniment
a case in some languages, such as Finnish and Estonian, which expresses relationships of accompaniment
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Its postpositional use is considerably more frequent and has later developed into the comitative case suffix -ga (Alvre 1997; Habicht 2000).
6: The postposition -da does not have a comitative nuance here
The informant then added another option, /veni kum meku/, with the comitative form of the pronoun /meku/.
In this case, the preposition with is associated with its comitative use, which is possible when there is an alternation involved (Van Valin and LaPolla 1995: 379).
While it is a striking fact that all of them begin with the sequence ma, only one example, ma:futa, could plausibly have such a morphological analysis, where the ma might mark a comitative.
Adjuncts give information about place, time, manner, and intermediary (=instrument, material, comitative, standard of comparison, etc.
Abbreviations 1 first person 1SG first person singular 1/2 first or second person entailment 2 second person 2SG second person singular 3 third person 3SG third person singular ANT anterior AUX auxiliary CAUS causative COM comitative COMPL completive COP copula DAT dative DIR direct marker DUR durative ERG ergative GEN genitive INCP inceptive IPFV imperfective NEG negation, negative NMLZ nominalizer NPST non-past PFV perfective PL plural PNR person, number and role POST posterior PRF perfect PRS present PST past PTCP participle REM remote RPST remote past SEQ sequential SG singular
COMIT (Bezhta, Hunzib): is used in comitative constructions.
Cetiri temeljne uporabe toga padeza oznacene su nazivima conduit instrumental (prototipna shema), instrumental of setting (uporabna shema koja prema autorici nastaje kao izravna ekstenzija prototipa), attributive instrumental (uporabna shema koja je motivacijski takoder izravno povezana s prototipnom shemom, a u nju se uklapa i predikatni instrumental) i comitative (and proximate) instrumental (uporabna shema koja je s prethodnim dvjema povezana izravno, ali s prototipnom tek posredno).
Men can also take the privative suffix -dih or the comitative suffix -dorrungh to form the expressions men-dih ('without men') and mendorrungh ('with men').
It is obvious that a particular subject can carry out the action of lying down accompanied by somebody else (the person who is represented in the sentence by a comitative complement).
A sampling of topics: the Hawaiian passive/imperative particle; valency sets in Kashmiri; property description as a voice phenomenon; dimensions of defocusing; grammatical relations as constraints on referent identification; participant roles, thematic roles and syntactic relations; information focus in relational clause structure; manipulating argument structure in agent/patient systems; and the regular and the extended comitative reciprocal construction, illustrated from German.
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