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Comic books and comic strips, especially of the alternative press: "the countercultural ... comix of the sixties and early seventies, with their explicit criticism of American society" (Lloyd Rose).

[Alteration of comics, pl. of comic.]


pl n
(Journalism & Publishing) comic books, esp those published by independent publishers
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This fall, the award-winning property will introduce two major entertainment establishments at Foxwoods with the opening of Comix, the first outpost of the popular Manhattan comedy club, and High Rollers Lanes and Lounge, a luxury bowling complex courtesy of Big Night Entertainment, the company behind SHRINE and The Scorpion Bar Tequila Cantina.
Other featured writers include the Turkish novelist Hakan Gunday, whose powerful novel More , translated by Zeynep Beler, explores guilt and accountability through the lens of migration; Leila al-Shami and Robin Yassin-Kassab, who recently collaborated on Burning Country: Syrians in Revolution and War ; Saleem Haddad, author of the transnational Guapa ; comix artist Omar Khouri; Nigerian Nobel Prize-winner Wole Soyinka; and many others.
An avant-garde collection especially recommended for anyone interested in taking the pulse of the under ground comix scene.
ILLUSTRATIONS OMITTED] Send all of your comics and comic-related images to: Thrasher Comix PO Box 884570 SF, CA 94188-4570
This year's event will be held August 4, 2010 at Comix in New York City, and focuses on building meaningful careers for the 21st century.
Jonathan Guyer's Oum Cartoon recently ran adiscussion between Guyer and Egyptian artist Ganzeer about what's new in the worlds of Arabic comix.
Simply put, Top Shelf Productions is a premiere publisher of avante garde and counter-culture comix and graphic novels whose diverse titles showcase the very essence of originality.
3)) For the critics of "Helter Skelter" it was Williams himself who was vulgar; a cofounder of Zap Comix in San Francisco in the late '60s, he began showing as a painter in the contemporary-art world only in the early '80s.
Now they have hit the jackpot of laughter at North America's largest resort casino thanks to the opening of the comedy nightclub Comix in late summer 2010.
The growing number of awards for Arab comics and graphic novels — atInternational Comics Book Festival of Algeria ( FIBDA ); at the Cairo Comix Festival; and now as part of the Arab Comics Initiative at the American University in Beirut — amply demonstrates the vibrancy of the Arabic comix scene.
The live stand-up show which will air on Comedy Central May 2 and heads to DVD May 5 from Salient Media and Vivendi Entertainment and will feature extras such as never-before-seen footage and his famous YouTube "The Wrestler" animation from Clyde Comix.
Best Comics Magazine , meanwhile, went not to Egypt's TokTok, which won a similar award at Algeria's big comix festival,butto Tunisian artist Noha Habib for Makhbar 916.