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Comic books and comic strips, especially of the alternative press: "the countercultural ... comix of the sixties and early seventies, with their explicit criticism of American society" (Lloyd Rose).

[Alteration of comics, pl. of comic.]


pl n
(Journalism & Publishing) comic books, esp those published by independent publishers
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The switch to comics came after a chance meeting with cartoonist John Sowerby, 60, who walked into Khadim's bookshop Sacred Alien Comix one day.
ComiX, at the Ramee Grand Hotel and Spa in Seef, coincided with World Press Freedom Day and was hosted by the embassy in partnership with entertainment website IGN.
Hoberman introduction, "Drawing His Own Conclusions: The Art of Spiegelman," through early examples of the artist's work such as Short Order Comix through RAW, on to Maus and finally to the New Yorker covers, his recent forays into book covers, collaborations with the dance company Pilobolus, and painted-glass windows for his high school alma mater, New York's High School of Art and Design.
8220;More scholarships for students studying social justice, more radical comix to aid students and general audiences understanding critical ideas, more academic texts that push boundaries.
Secretary for Commerce & Economic Development Gregory So today visited Comix Home Base in Wan Chai to learn about the development of the local comics and animation industry.
of New York, describes her implementation of the Serious Comix project, a student-centered program which used technology to teach middle school students with special needs in New York City about digital and traditional literacy skills.
Readers can also look forward to a discounted pricing on coMix on-the-go as all paid comics available on the app are priced cheaper than their paperback versions at Rs.
Fostering Laughs will be held at the Scandinavian Athletic Club and will feature comedians Orlando Baxter, the opening act for national headliner Jo Koy; Alingon Mitra, a finalist at "Last Comix Standing" contest held at Foxwoods Comedy Club and Bar; and Frank Foley, a 20-year veteran of morning radio in Worcester and the host of Frank's Comedy Safari in Worcester.
Editor's Note: Rank Comix is the creation of the talented Adam Martin, a Mohawk from Six Nations of the Grand River Territory who lives in Regina, SK.
Based on a character conceived of by Ziggy Marley, written by Man of Action Studios JOE CASEY (GODLAND, BUTCHER BAKER) and illustrated by JIM MAHFOOD (KICK DRUM COMIX, MIX TAPE), MARIJUANAMAN promises to shatter all expectations -- this is not the comic you think it is
The Real Cost of Prisons Comix (PM Press), edited by Lois Ahrens, asks whether the billions of dollars invested annually in mass incarceration deliver on these promises.