command sergeant major

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Noun1.command sergeant major - a noncommissioned officer serving as chief administrative officer of a headquarters unit of the Armycommand sergeant major - a noncommissioned officer serving as chief administrative officer of a headquarters unit of the Army
sergeant - any of several noncommissioned officer ranks in the Army or Air Force or Marines ranking above a corporal
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The veteran command sergeant major of the 1st Transportation Movement Control Agency, in Kaiserslautern, Germany, arrives June 13 to serve as MTMC's top enlisted soldier.
Command Sergeant Major Padgett is the command sergeant major of the 31st Engineer Battalion (OSUT) at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.
Colonel Gregory Ritch (brigade commander) and Command Sergeant Major Donald Riggs (brigade command sergeant major) cased the colors, with Colonel Mark Smith, deputy commander (readiness) of the 99th RRC, presiding.
Army Signal Center and Fort Gordon command sergeant major, accepted the Signal Center colors from CSM Michael Terry, former U.
Continuing to stroll down the line, the command sergeant major noticed spare weapons barrels beginning to rust, high-value communications equipment getting crushed under the weight of dusty rucksacks, and ammunition cans overflowing with muddy cartridges.
It has been an amazing once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to serve as your Engineer Regimental Command Sergeant Major.
Lieutenant Colonel Leonard Cosby, 92d Military Police Battalion commander, and Command Sergeant Major Patrick Dawson, the battalion command sergeant major, had the honor to uncase the battalion's colors.
During his extensive military career, Command Sergeant Major Van Patten coached, mentored, and trained thousands of Dragon Soldiers.
The run began at dawn with Command Sergeant Major Jeffrey Butler as the senior enlisted Soldier in the brigade and Command Sergeant Major Brian Lambert as the senior enlisted Soldier in the 503d.
Johnson is the Deployment Excellence Award Program Manager and is a retired command sergeant major.
I offer my sincerest gratitude and a fond farewell to Brigadier General Todd Semonite and his wife Connie, Major General Randal Castro and his wife Judy, and Command Sergeant Major Bill McDaniel and his wife Samm, for they will be truly missed.
This will be my ninth and final entry in the bulletin as your Regimental Command Sergeant Major.

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