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1. Having command; controlling.
2. Dominating, as by magnitude or position: took a commanding lead at the polls; a commanding view of the ocean.

com·mand′ing·ly adv.
com·mand′ing·ness n.


[kəˈmɑːndɪŋlɪ] ADV [speak] → de forma autoritaria, imperiosamente


adv speakgebieterisch
References in classic literature ?
And yet, somehow, did Ahab --in his own proper self, as daily, hourly, and every instant, commandingly revealed to his subordinates, --Ahab seemed an independent lord; the Parsee but his slave.
Knightley seemed determined to be heard in his turn, for most resolutely and commandingly did he say,
Naught is your science of man, naught is your science of the stars," said the archdeacon, commandingly.
Doctor Emory glanced warningly to Doctor Masters, and Doctor Masters glanced authoritatively at the sergeant who glanced commandingly at his two policemen.
I could not hear a sound, but through my glasses I saw the thin arm extended commandingly, the lower jaw moving, the eyes of that apparition shining darkly far in its bony head that nodded with grotesque jerks.
But there was also the whiff of complacency for a fixture Liverpool were expected to win commandingly.
Holiday tea is a longstanding tradition at Hotel Sorrento, a Seattle icon perched commandingly over downtown since 1909.
Announcement of competition: Economy system should of filter is optimal tool for HFCs today and they commandingly years in terms of functionality, price and they have the possibility for easy scaling by organizational changes in the county.
Our second day began with a visit to Sao Jorge Castle, which sits commandingly on top of a hill.
In the introduction to Eisenhower: The White House Years, Jim Newton fully embraces revisionism when he states that "Eisenhower was certain, resolute, and, though respectful of his advisors, commandingly their boss" (p.
Elspeth Dutch's horns were idiomatically outstanding in Schumann's leaping, exultant Rhenish Symphony, matched by commandingly noble trombones.
Ain Anger sang and acted commandingly as Ramfis, while company returnees Scott Hendricks and Canadian Robert Gleadow contributed a fierce Amonasro and sonorous King of Egypt.

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