(kəˈmɛʒ ər ə bəl)

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In NTRs the effect of PSM is commeasurable with the effect of silymarin, while in SHR's microsomes, PSM showed lower activity than silymarin.
The casuistry of minorities in western thought is placed in the context of limits, which are intimately correlated with a limitless type of politics, as Alain Badoiu stated, in the sense that both the minority and the majority form a commeasurable and joint whole, always active and experimenting so as to transcend the objective or subjective limits established in an institutional manner, as well as the boundaries imposed by the abusive and detrimental mentality on both sides, in order to finally secure a harmonious and integrative vicinity.
This is connected with the fact that effective diameter of the heating spot on the pool surface is commeasurable with dimensions of a mould.
If the population decline of the knots that winter in Patagonia is linked to Delaware Bay food resources, and if the same was true for northern-wintering knots, then we would expect to see commeasurable declines in numbers of the northern-wintering knots.
Length of the source, able to generate dislocations, calculated on basis of value of microscopic limit of elasticity (1), is 3-4 [micro]m, which is commeasurable with size of the condensate grains (subgrains).
For improving energy and economic indices it is necessary to increase dimensions of the mould and develop multi-plasmatron scheme of remelting, whereby dimensions of technogenic waste lumps may be commeasurable with dimensions of the mould, which does not require for special preparation of the charge.