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tr.v. com·mem·o·rat·ed, com·mem·o·rat·ing, com·mem·o·rates
1. To honor the memory of (a person or event, for example), especially with a ceremony. See Synonyms at observe.
2. To serve as a memorial to: The statue commemorates the discovery of anesthesia.

[Latin commemorāre, commemorāt-, to remind : com-, intensive pref.; see com- + memorāre, to remind (from memor, mindful; see (s)mer- in Indo-European roots).]

com·mem′o·ra′tor n.
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Perhaps it is too late to wallow in the futility of nostalgia or to merely mourn those who deserve a lot more than condolences and commemorator.
Bergamino in turn reflects the subtle mind and sharp rhetoric of his own commemorator, Filostrato, and perhaps the qualities of the model narrator of the Decameron.
Kicklighter says that he and his platoon of commemorators are "very busy planning all our efforts: educational materials, a Pentagon exhibit, traveling exhibits, symposiums, oral history projects and much more.