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 (kə-mĕn′sər-ə-bəl, -shər-)
1. Measurable by a common standard.
2. Commensurate; proportionate.
3. Mathematics Exactly divisible by the same unit an integral number of times. Used of two quantities.

[Late Latin commēnsūrābilis : Latin com-, com- + mēnsūrābilis, measurable (from mēnsūrāre, to measure; see commensurate).]

com·men′su·ra·bil′i·ty n.
com·men′su·ra·bly adv.
References in classic literature ?
The reason of these discords I conceive to be that there is no commensurability between a man and any gift.
While praising Joyce for re-creating a "savage economy of hieroglyphics" (28), Beckett's own work struggles neither to reconnect the word with the world nor to assert the commensurability of rational and irrational, but to show where words cannot go--that is, to see the abyss which Joyce bridges.
Following one branch will mean exploring what is arguably a limited commensurability between represented and representing intentions and actions.
This would obviously be an abstract notion, just as is the commensurability of different units of capital in the formation of a technical "norm" of production.
3) Standardization facilitates commensurability and therefore comparison between services, clinicians and organization.
Three main questions were central during the interviews: First, how the experts view the commensurability of different paradigms; second, what they think about the use (and increasing popularity) of mixed-methods and middle-way paradigms in the context of audience research, and, finally, what their ideas are on future research of audiences in relation to mediated distant suffering in light of these metatheoretical, multimethodological developments.
Most of these kinds of initiatives originate in the US and the UK, and they tend to lack structural awareness on two (at least) fronts--first, they are usually oblivious to the problems of women without money, and, second, they are often unaware of the structural causes of women's inequality Adrienne argues that such funds also work to reproduce particular assumptions about the commensurability of gender equality and finance-led neoliberalism, assumptions rooted within a neoliberal common sense that assumes that 'greater access to the financial market, like other markets, will automatically lead to the erosion of discrimination undermining gender inequality while simultaneously improving profitability'.
The invention-algorithm equation would invalidate claims like claim 22 under the commensurability principle.
In "The psychological structure of fascism," Bataille transferred this dichotomy into a more sophisticated dialectic between homogeneous and heterogeneous forms of existence, where "homogeneity" signifies the commensurability of elements and the awareness of this commensurability: human relations are reduced to fixed rules based on the consciousness of the possible identity of delineable persons and situations.
In the doctrine of circulation, the formative elaboration upon the social commensurability of commodities or their 'moneyness' necessitates only an initial demonstration of the possible expression of value in the use value of another commodity, and then the eventual measuring of the value of a commodity in terms of money with the establishment of a 'normal price' for it.
23) The stronger view is certainly a very common trope in the commodification literature, and it finds an echo here in the claim that "it is difficult to argue that this commensurability has not corrupted the character of the [good of education] .