commercial bribery

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Noun1.commercial bribery - bribery of a purchasing agent in order to induce the agent to enter into a transaction
bribery, graft - the practice of offering something (usually money) in order to gain an illicit advantage
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The OL also stated in his report that the agent and the individuals involved have breached the provisions of the Anticorruption Act of Bhutan 2011, particularly section 66, 67 and 68 dealing with commercial bribery and embezzlement of fund by a private individual.
Abbott's grant to McKesson is another arrow in the quiver of critics from the right and from the left who want to get rid of economic incentive funds they regard as tools of commercial bribery or crony capitalism.
The Proposed Amendments to Chinas AUCL Commercial Bribery Provisions: Comments and Suggestions, an article by Akin Gump Beijing partner in charge William Rosoff and cross-border transactions associate Jingli Jiang, has been published by Tsinghua China Law Review.
It makes provision for offenses like commercial bribery, bribery of employee of non-state commercial or other non-governmental organization, abuse of authority of officials of non-government commercial or other non-governmental organization.
public companies and issuers subject to the FCPA's books and records provisions remain particularly at risk given the ease of prosecution for any small payment, regardless of materiality, and the broad interpretation of the statute by regulators to include any type of improper payment, including commercial bribery.
Commercial Bribery in China: Analysis and Countermeasures
This could lead to charges of commercial bribery, unlawful possession of personal identification information and larceny.
Meanwhile, the Policy and Regulatory Report reported that Changsha People's Procurator, in Hunan province, had indicted 35 defendants in the GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) commercial bribery case, including GSK's China unit, making this the largest anti-corruption prosecution involving a foreign firm in the country.
Sternly probe and handle commercial bribery and increase punishments for giving bribes," it said.
Justice (DOJ) may prosecute commercial bribery under the Travel Act if a
The SAIC, which is in charge of market supervision and commercial bribery cases in the country, also targets other sectors affected by bribery, fraud and other anti-competitive business practices.

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