commercial traveler

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commercial traveler

A traveling sales representative.

commer′cial trav′eler

a traveling sales representative.
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Noun1.commercial traveler - a salesman who travels to call on customerscommercial traveler - a salesman who travels to call on customers
salesman - a man salesperson
spokesperson, representative, interpreter, voice - an advocate who represents someone else's policy or purpose; "the meeting was attended by spokespersons for all the major organs of government"
tallyman - one who sells goods on the installment plan
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It is a degrading confession to make; but I remember wishing I was not so highly connected, and absolutely thinking that the life of a commercial traveler would have suited me exactly, if I had not been a poor g entleman.
Sitting in the corner of a third-class railway carriage, on the afternoon of the following day, Ralph made several inquiries of a commercial traveler in the opposite corner.
He lay back in his corner and forgot the commercial traveler altogether.
And I call to mind a picture of a commercial traveler who is about to unroll his samples:
I was a sort of commercial traveler myself once,--years ago,--and I like to see the thing well done.
We found accommodation (such as it was) in a river-side inn, used by ship-captains and commercial travelers.
Contrary to what one would have expected, all this radicalism did not hurt the hotel business; the radicals flocked to it, and the commercial travelers all found it diverting.
The poetry collections she produced (Signal::Noise, Alice James Press, 1982; Expense Report, winner of the Warm Springs Press chapbook competition in 1995; and Commercial Traveler, Garden Street Press, 1996) include poems that examine business culture, its landscapes, and its languages.
com at the expense of both the rest of the commercial traveler information community as well as the local public-sector agency partner in each of the program's cities.
The programs work well together to fulfill the needs of the value-conscious commercial traveler," said Dan Spindler, senior vice president sales and marketing.
com) to experiment with the collection and archiving of performance monitoring data that will ultimately be used to measure national system performance while also using this data for commercial traveler information purposes.
Whether for business or for pleasure, "Japan by Rail" is a 'must' for any and all American tourists, exchange students, and commercial travelers.

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