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Adj.1.commercial-grade - of the kind or quality used in commerce; average or inferior; "commercial grade of beef"; "commercial oxalic acid"
inferior - of low or inferior quality
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authorities were searching at least four Midwestern states Friday after more than 500 pounds of dangerous, commercial-grade fireworks were stolen from a freight train this week.
The company also offers the Cimex Eradicator commercial-grade bedbug eradicator.
Further, they were built with the intent to produce no wastes, and this was achieved because the only by-products are clean steam and commercial-grade wood ash.
EchoTech Wireless said the WEJ-11g Wireless Ethernet Jack incorporates commercial-grade hardware and software features and is designed to fit in the same footprint as a standard Ethernet wall jack.
They also removed a bulky furnace from the middle of the kitchen; replaced the dirty, worn rug with commercial-grade carpet; patched holes in the walls; and installed new doors throughout the two-bedroom house.
Hospitality leader introduces new, stylish products with commercial-grade technology behind the wall.
A genus of sea sponges grows its own light-conducting fibers that are remarkably similar to commercial-grade optical fibers--and in some ways better.
Chocflex is a commercial-grade, no-wax, vinyl floorcovering with an acoustic backing that is engineered for high-traffic areas.
As one of InfiniSwitch's partners of choice, VIEO's commercial-grade fabric enabling products, including VIEO Fabric Manager and VIEO FabricView, can be integrated into InfiniSwitch's next-generation, high performance Leaf and Director-class switches.
plans to target the small office/home office market with a new line of home and commercial-grade office furniture, the company said.
This provides business, industrial, and government clients with a true commercial-grade solution and the sense of security that comes from a business-only network.
In partnering with Tech Soft we are able to give developers a high-level, commercial-grade software tool for developing high-performance applications able to take full advantage of our robust hardware.

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