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n. pl. com·mis·sur·ot·o·mies
Surgical incision of a commissure in the body, as one made in the heart to relieve constriction of the mitral valve or one made in the brain to treat seizure disorders.

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6] In MS, percutaneous mitral commissurotomy is an effective treatment.
Mitral commissurotomy using Innoue-Balloon catheter for MS and Amplatzer atrial septal occluder for plugging ASD are the commonly employed treatment modalities in this respect.
Objective: To know the regression of right ventricular pressure after successful percutaneous transluminalmitral commissurotomy (PTMC) in patients with severe isolated mitral stenosis.
Balloon mitral valvotomy, closed commissurotomy and valve replacement are done in patients with valvular heart disease.
Impact of Degree of Commissural Opening After Percutaneous Mitral Commissurotomy on Long-Term Outcome.
Endoscopic-Assisted (Through a Mini Craniotomy) Corpus Callosotomy Combined With Anterior, Hippocampal, and Posterior Commissurotomy in LennoxGastaut Syndrome: A Pilot Study to Establish Its Safety and Efficacy.
Title of his poster presentation was "Regression of Right Ventricular systolic pressure after successful percutaneous mitral commissurotomy in patients with isolated severe mitral stenosis".
Informed written consent was taken from each patient of either sex, of age between 18 and 40 years with mitral stenosis posted for closed mitral commissurotomy (CMC), and a detailed history, systemic examination, and laboratory findings were checked a day before surgery.
Objective: To assess the effectiveness of Percutaneous Mitral valve Commissurotomy on mitral valve area, pulmonary hypertension and NYHA dyspnea class in patients with mitral stenosis.
Organic signs, creativity, and personality characteristics of patients following cerebral commissurotomy.
A 57-year-old woman with a history of closed mitral commissurotomy was admitted to the Cardiology department for preoperative evaluation before a mitral valve replacement.