committee of the whole

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committee of the whole

The whole membership of a legislative body sitting as a committee to consider the details of a proposal.

commit′tee of the whole′

a committee composed of all the members of a legislative body, meeting under relaxed rules in order to expedite business.
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My dear Mrs Veneering, do let us resolve ourselves into a Committee of the whole House on the subject.
And this,' pursues the sprightly one, 'is a Committee of the whole House to what-you-may-call-it--elicit, I suppose--the voice of Society.
The house now resolved itself into a committee of the whole, to consider the accommodations and arrangements for the meeting.
Tununiq MLA Joe Enook moved a motion to refer the Nunavut Housing Corporation's Agreement for the Management and Administration of Local Housing Organization Programs to the Committee of the Whole for detailed consideration during the upcoming fall 2015 sitting of the House.
It was also agreed in the meeting of the committee of the whole that criminal law be amended to replace cognizable and non-cognizable offense with distinction to between arrestable and non-arrestable.
Is it a passive committee with a role to find, illuminate and report, or does it have powers to direct that action be taken by ministers -- most of whom are on the Committee of the Whole anyway?
The Committee of the Whole is a parliamentary committee in which every member of the House of Commons is a member.
With the lieutenant governor position once again vacant, the Committee of the Whole would convene a second time to select another senator to act as lieutenant governor.
One of the first actions of the new Republican-led House was to adopt the legislative body's new rules, including a provision to strip the delegates' right to vote in the Committee of the Whole, which is when the entire chamber becomes a committee to address certain types of legislation, such as appropriations.
5, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The House of Representatives today adopted rules that revoked the privilege of the DC Delegate to vote in the Committee of the Whole House.
The consortium, which includes Laureate Developments and The Resolve Group, made its pitch for Prince's Arthur Landing at the city's Committee of the Whole meeting, Sept.

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