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tr.v. com·mod·i·tized, com·mod·i·tiz·ing, com·mod·i·tiz·es
To turn into or treat as a commodity.

com·mod′i·ti·za′tion (-tĭ-zā′shən) n.


(kəˈmɒdɪˌtaɪz) or


(tr) another term for commodify
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These developments, and others described previously, continue expose agencies to potential to the risk that certain functions may get commoditized or that agencies themselves could be disintermediated in this broad media transition toward more consumer and advertiser control.
Enterprise executives want information technology acquired, delivered, used, paid for, and managed in a manner similar to the way we use electricity, natural gas, telephone service, and other commoditized utilities.
TRUFLE is a lightweight architecture and software solution that enables the use of commoditized network elements, significantly reducing the infrastructure investments for mobile solutions.
As wireless voice service becomes increasingly commoditized in the US, and subscriber growth cools off, carriers are looking to non-voice applications and services in an attempt to keep revenues growing.
It is also an acknowledgement that as wireless operators' networks become commoditized, service providers must begin to focus on more customer-centric initiatives.
From fresh site design and community-building features to cutting-edge job posting delivery mechanisms and an unprecedented level of client service, JobKite leverages the best of new technologies to stand out from commoditized job sites and deliver a fun destination for serious job seekers.
New Online Careers Destination Debuts to Deliver Fresh Alternative to Sterile, Static and Commoditized Online Job Search
According to Feeney, MLN revamped its product offerings to match the "look and feel" of the marketplace and create a commoditized offering to sell to multiple investors.
Rather than use commoditized chipsets with single radio and diversity antennas, Wavion custom designed ASICs and embedded software to optimally leverage six antennas and six radio transceivers in a single AP.
This is especially true of a highly commoditized and 'low trust category' such as life insurance.
The life insurance industry gives evidence of inexorably shifting its products, especially life insurance, from a traditional value-oriented basis of presentation to a commoditized, price-sensitive business model.