Common Era

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Com·mon Era

n. Abbr. CE or ce
The period beginning with the traditional birth year of Jesus, designated as year 1.

Common Era

(Historical Terms) another name for Christian Era

Chris′tian E′ra

the period since the assumed year of Jesus' birth.
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Noun1.Common era - the time period beginning with the supposed year of Christ's birth
Adv.1.Common Era - of the period coinciding with the Christian era; preferred by some writers who are not Christians; "in 200 CE"
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The first king of the Israelites was not crowned until 1,000 years before the Common Era.
Going back in time, hundreds of years before the common era, sundials marked the hours.
com says it originated from a Christian feast honouring some early saints named St Valentine, a Roman priest who was martyred on or around February 14 in the year 270 Common Era (CE).
The oldest mummies were from the New Kingdom, some 3,500 to 3,000 years ago, and the relatively newer ones from the Roman Period, which began with the Roman conquest of that society shortly before the Common Era.
Most accounts suggest this happy and creative relationship between man and plant endured deep into the common era.
CE for Common Era and BCE for Before the Common Era are new terms being used to de-Christianize the dating system now used largely by non-Christians around the globe.
He traces how a movement in danger of extinction during the last centuries before the Common Era developed into one that in less than a millennium succeeded in imposing its imprint on the Indian subcontinent and much of Southeastern Asia without the help of a conquering army or an all-powerful empire.
The first point to mention is the current fashion to use the nonreligious BCE and CE (Before Common Era and Common Era) instead of AD and BC.
Throughout the first millennium of the Common Era, Satan was more a principle than a being, and encounters with demons were only occasional problems.
Other theories contend that the community is a result of migration, perhaps a voluntary or forced migration of Yemenite Jews in the last centuries before the Common Era.
The first chapter covers antiquity up to the fifth century of the Common Era, about one thousand years in all.
Therefore, we see that two-thirds of Turkish society believe that a people [Armenians] who were the first people of this land to be written down in history, who existed here before the Common Era, are commonly believed to have only arrived at the beginning of the 1990s," he concluded.

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