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Noun1.common box - large slow-growing evergreen shrub or small tree with multiple stemscommon box - large slow-growing evergreen shrub or small tree with multiple stems; extensively used for hedges or borders and topiary figures
boxwood, box - evergreen shrubs or small trees
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For the waltz, the basic step is a common box step following counts of 1-2-3, 1-2-3.
In formal settings, they can boast stunning architectural value - common box can easily be trimmed into balls and cones, Laurus nobilis (sweet bay) looks great used as a standard, while Taxus baccata (yew) is perfect for topiary.
Common box (Buxus sempervirens), a shrub with small, glossy green aromatic leaves, can be clipped into cones or even bought in a cone shape then decorated with small baubles and other festive adornments.
Sodec spokeswoman Isabelle Melancon says the three festivals could pool resources, for example having a common box office or hooking up with one major sponsor.
Philippine Wildlife Bureau head Mundita Lim says the pond turtles were confiscated at the Hong Kong airport in February from a Chinese student, along with 13 more common box turtles.
sempervirens, the common box, which has oval leaves and will grow to 3m (10ft) if left untrimmed and has more compact and colourful varieties including 'Aureovariegata'', which has yellow-blotched leaves; and B.
The most common box magazine in my youth was the bolt action's integral box, loaded from the top and unloaded by cycling to strip cartridges from the follower.