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Noun1.common fig - Mediterranean tree widely cultivated for its edible fruitcommon fig - Mediterranean tree widely cultivated for its edible fruit
fig - fleshy sweet pear-shaped yellowish or purple multiple fruit eaten fresh or preserved or dried
fig tree - any moraceous tree of the tropical genus Ficus; produces a closed pear-shaped receptacle that becomes fleshy and edible when mature
caprifig, Ficus carica sylvestris - wild variety of the common fig used to facilitate pollination of certain figs
syconium - the fleshy multiple fruit of the fig consisting of an enlarged hollow receptacle containing numerous fruitlets
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Due to the statistics, Iran now ranks 1st in the globe in the production of Pomegranate, 2nd in Date (fruit), 3rd in Common fig, 3rd in Cherry, 7th in Grape and 7th in Orange (fruit).
Grown mainly in the hotter, drier parts of the world such as the eastern Mediterranean, North Africa and the Middle East, the common fig has evolved into many cultivars, from the smaller green Alma, through the popular Kadota (where most of your fig rolls come from) to the supreme Black Mission fig, grown almost exclusively these days in California, with its sweetly-perfumed flesh and jet black coat.