common iliac vein

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Noun1.common iliac vein - formed by the internal and external iliac veins; unites with its fellow from the opposite side of the body to form the inferior vena cava
iliac vein, vena iliaca - one of three veins draining the pelvic area
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The first patient treated had a chronic total occlusion of the left common iliac vein.
There appeared to be direct extension of the mass into the right common iliac vein and infrarenal IVC, which were dilated.
Left external & internal iliac veins drains into the retroperitoneal collaterals due to absence of left common iliac vein.
The stenosis within the left common iliac vein was then dilated with a 10 x 40 mm balloon, and a 14 x 40 mm stent was placed across the stenotic area (Figure 5).
Extreme care should be exercised during the procedure to avoid any damage to the underlying common iliac vein or the ureter.
The findings also suggest that a narrow left common iliac vein may predispose women to thromboses in this location, and that this risk facor could be addressed with endovascular stenting, said Dr.